But God.

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Today I want to tell you a story of a true Mega Miracle that I was a witness to, but before I do I want to preface it with this…

We are in the midst of a great spiritual battle. Yes, as believers we fight in this battle daily from a position of victory, but it doesn’t mean that that the Enemy and his army has given up.

He hasn’t. He is the god of this world. His mission is to steal, kill and destroy what God has created and God’s great plan for our lives. He is relentless in his pursuit.

One of the Enemy’s greatest weapons he deploys against us?


Whenever we are feeling down about ourselves- or the prospects for some area of our life, have you found yourself justifying it with “facts”?

For example, have you been called to do something new- and then immediately been “assaulted” with facts about why it won’t work? Your brain attaches to “evidence” about past failures, experiences of others, etc.

Indeed, the Devil IS in the details.

Here’s the thing, Human “Facts” are irrelevant to our Most High God.

The “fact” is that humans can’t simply walk across the Red Sea.

The “fact” is that humans cannot walk on water.

The “fact” is that 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish cannot feed Five Thousand.

The “fact” is that Asperger’s Syndrome is a life-long condition.

But God, y’all.

I have a precious friend that I met 5 years ago through Unstoppable Influence. Karen is one of the most gentle yet strong women that I have ever met. For her entire life…more than 60 years- she had extreme sensitivity to sound, light, and other stimuli. She had recently discovered that she also has Asperger’s Syndrome.

But Karen was committed to pushing through and reclaiming her life. So she went through our Unstoppable Influence program, and everything I taught- she took action on! It was absolutely incredible!!

She began to regularly step outside of her comfort zone…and she was making progress. This unstoppable woman would feel the fear and do it anyways. She was (and is) an inspiration to our entire Unstoppable Influence community.

She braved busy airports to come to our conferences and retreats… and just the past summer, I discovered that every single night, after being with us at Unstoppable Influence events, my sweet Karen would end the day crying.

This was her body’s release from all of the stimuli of the day. When she shared this with me, I began to sob. My precious friend, a woman I love so dearly and deeply, came to our events, supported our community, then ended her day in tears.

Even worse, she said that over the past couple of months, her symptoms had begun to get much worse. Her usual mindset tools that she got through Unstoppable Influence and others, were no longer working as well.

That wasn’t all, she had just discovered that what she was dealing was a “neurological dysfunction”. That meant that her brain was wired differently— she was dealing with a physical condition– not a mindset condition.

So she began to feel hopeless. When Karen shared her discovery with me, I immediately responded…

I told her that we had just witnesses a miraculous healing of my son (see HERE), and if God could heal him, He could heal her.

I asked if she had ever asked the Lord to heal her. As a woman of tremendous faith, I assumed the answer was, yes.

She said “No!” She had never thought of asking to be healed. She just assumed that was how she was made…

Here’s what I wrote her that day (July 31, 2023):

If it’s God’s will it can be reversed. Maybe it’s not His Will and Lord knows I absolutely adore you for who you are, just as you are. And I’m crying now knowing you are crying at the end of the events. Because having you there and seeing how much people love you makes my heart so happy. But I don’t want you to be hurting!!!”

“Begin to ask your prayer warriors. We can all stand with you. Asking the Lord to heal you and/or relieve you of your symptoms. It may be the Lord’s will or maybe He has a very specific purpose of it- we won’t know until we ask and pray!”

So that’s what we did. 8 days later, she wrote me:

God healed my friend. Fully and completely.

After a 60+ years, within 8 days of prayer, my friend was healed.

For the first time ever, she was able to walk outside into the sunlight without issue….

She was able to drive in her car with the radio not only on but with the volume cranked up! (she was never able to drive in a car with a radio on before!)

She was able to visit multiple stores in a short period of time (usually just one store with the sounds and the people was too draining)…

She was able to be on a Zoom call- with all of the different people doing different things, without being bothered.

She was able to be around lots of people…. without feeling bothered!

My God healed my friend, y’all!!!!

I cry every single time my friend sends a message to me about her new life experiences. I cry for the Lord’s faithfulness and His ability to do the IMPOSSIBLE!

God is unconcerned with the “facts”… He is not bound by them. That is why we, as Believers, are told to walk by FAITH and not by sight.

Our eyes deceive us. Our past experiences or the experiences of others, do not dictate our future. The Enemy would have us focus on what we see, what we “feel” and what we’ve experienced.

These 3 things can sideline us if we let them…

Choose Faith.

Walk by faith. Know that our God is one who is in the business of doing the Impossible.

God’s story did not end with the Bible…. My friend is a living and breathing testimony that God is very much alive…

He HEARS us.

He can HEAL us…

And though his son, Jesus, He has saved us!

Whatever you are facing, friend, today, I want to encourage you to take it to the Lord. Ask Him for His guidance, His provision, His healing.

God’s ways are not our ways– and His timing is not our timing– but I do know that when we ASK will will receive what is in God’s will for us. I also know that His will for our lives is greater than any of us can imagine….

Let’s let the world know of God’s amazing, miraculous work- share this testimony with others to strengthen their faith in our Mighty God!


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