“Beautiful Outlaw” by John Eldredge

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Growing up Catholic, I had a healthy reverence for Jesus. His pure white robe, his holiness. As much as I wanted to have a relationship with him, I always had a feeling that I was just not WORTHY to have a relationship with such perfection.

When I started watching The Chosen, I began to see Jesus in a different light. I saw him more in his position as a MAN, instead of God. I mean, that was one of the big reasons he CAME to walk on Earth in the first place, right? To be the visible form of a previously invisible God.

And I guess I’m not sure what I thought life was like during his years of ministry…but I definitely wasn’t thinking of Jesus as playful, joking or super approachable. The Chosen really began to change this view I had of him, and pulled me closer into desiring a real relationship with Him.

If I’m being honest, for DECADES I heard of people going on and on and on about their “Relationship with Christ” and although I intellectually understood it, I didn’t really get it. (Vulnerable moment- don’t judge!)

As I began speaking with my friend Melanie about this revelation, and my desire to get to know him better, she suggested this book- “Beautiful Outlaw” by John Eldredge. I can say without hesitation that it was THIS book that helped me truly fall in love with Jesus and finally begin to understand why so many people were “wild about Jesus!” and why people were able to actually be in relationship with the only perfect human to walk this Earth. John helps us relate to Jesus in a far deeper way.

This book is great for both the spiritual novice and the more spiritually mature. He covers so many aspects of Jesus that give you a true sense of what makes this man someone worth laying your life down for.

5 stars all the way!


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