Going Along, To Get Along

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{Part 2 of Uncomfortable Truths}

I heard this phrase this week “Going along, to get along” and I just couldn’t shake it. It just kept playing over and over in my head. I knew this is what I needed to address in this article.

“Going along to get along” is something that I have done far more often that I care to admit. It’s one of those tough layers of my approval addiction that I’m still working through.

I have begun to notice how prevalent this is in the Church. Believers want to “lay low” and not ruffle any feathers- lest we “offend” someone. Right now, I think a huge reason for the current-events that we are literally shocked at– is in direct correlation with Believers adopting a mantra of “going along, to get along.”

I think we probably do it for lots of reasons…

—We don’t want to offend anyone (obviously!) {which is virtually impossible today, have you noticed?!?) Offense is a great tool of the enemy to shut us down. We’ve been relegated to the four walls of our homes and our churches.

—We don’t want to inadvertently turn someone away from having a relationship with God…

—We don’t want to be rejected…

—We don’t want people to accuse us of being “judgmental” or “hateful”…

In other words, in order to protect OURSELVES, and to ensure we continue to feel COMFORTABLE we go along to get along.

Well, sisters (and brothers), look where that has gotten us.

As an inspirational speaker and coach… someone who loves to love on people- I so badly want to “go along, to get along” and steer clear of any topics on this blog which may ruffle feathers.

But as I look out at the world my children are growing up in, a world where the basics of creation are being blown up, a world where 1+1= 3 if that’s “your truth” –

I realized that I do a great disservice to fellow believers and seekers that follower my work, by walking on egg-shells. So I’m not going to.

I mentioned in my previous post about “The Universe” that I’ve heard so many people (including people who say they are “Christians”) saying that “Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Universe”– It’s all the same thing.

It’s all different “paths” for people coming to know the same, ONE God.

When I heard Christians say this, at first, I thought– “No way, that doesn’t seem right.”

It didn’t feel right in my soul… yet, after hearing it several places, I started to consider it…honestly, because I wanted to “believe” it because that would help me avoid uncomfortable conversations.

It would help me “go along to get along”

Have you ever fallen in that trap too?

John 14:6 makes it very clear…when Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth & the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

That’s pretty unequivocal.

Besides, Buddha and Muhammed died and that was that. No resurrection- that was all Jesus! Fitting- given he’s the only Son of God.

All of that said- does that mean that it’s my job here to judge or condemn people?

No– and boy am I glad that this isn’t my job- it’s nothing I want to touch with a ten foot pole!

{Side note: for those who are wondering… I don’t KNOW how God will handle the people who have never heard of Jesus…the remote tribes in Amazon, or whatever other examples people might throw at me. And the great thing is, I don’t have to know… I’m not God. He decides, not me.}

But it IS my job as a woman of faith, to not just “go along to get along”. To be bold in sharing the Truth. Why?

Believers are called by God to boldly speak the Truth (that would be Truth with a Capital T.)

In Matthew 5: 13, Jesus teaches: “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt should lose its taste, how can it be made salty. It’s not longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.”

He continues in verse 14: “You are the light of the world.”

We (Believers) are the LIGHT in the world. Light does 2 things:

  1. Reveals the Truth
  2. Exposes Darkness

We are called to reveal Truth. The amazing hope and salvation for all people through Jesus! Through Grace (and not a laundry list of “good deeds”) we get to be in relationship with Him. The Creator of the Universe wants a personal relationship with YOU and ME.

How amazing is that?

We’ve got to share that great news from the mountain tops, right?!?

Let’s talk more about “Light”.

When I got my calling back in 2011- it was “to build an Army of Entrepreneurs who would be beacons of Light in a darkening world.” I honestly had NO idea what that meant!

As I went on my personal growth journey, I read a lot of books and attended a lot of trainings… and as I started to dive into some of the personal and spiritual growth books, I started seeing a lot of imagery about “Light”.

I remembered seeing lots of references to the Light in Christianity. So, I let me guard down initially believing that the “Light” that those in those “spiritual growth” programs referred to was the same Light mentioned in the Bible.

I heard people in those books/programs talking about Jesus or Christ Consciousness. So, I thought that meant that whatever they were talking about our doing would be in alignment with my beliefs as a Christian.

I was wrong. (Praise God for revelation and discernment in this area!)

Especially when you consider that in 2 Corinthians 11:14 Paul writes, “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”  Paul was writing in the context of False Apostles and Teachers professing to be followers.

So the Enemy pretends to be good– but he is deceptive. In fact his name, Lucifer, literally means “bearer of light.” I have to say that on my personal growth journey over the past five years, I’ve come across a lot of very well-meaning people (including Christians and friends) that have been deceived….

It’s not hard to believe though…there is SO SO SO much deception in the personal growth and spiritual growth world, that we must all be extraordinarily vigilant in this area…lest we end up on a path far from where we want to be.

It all sounds innocent, until you start going down the path that leads you far from your walk with Christ.

So what are we supposed to do if the Enemy is so good at deceiving us by creating a Counterfeit Spirituality?

Remember Psalm 119:105 

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

We must evaluate the information being given to us in light of God’s Word because God never contradicts himself. Hebrews 6:18

Let me give you some examples.

Many times in spiritual growth books, they talk about Jesus, but they paint Jesus just as a “good guy” not God incarnate.

Or they claim Jesus is just an “ascended master” like Buddha and Muhammed…

One more example, there’s a book I came across in my Personal & Spiritual Growth journey called “A Course in Miracles”. (I actually bought before I realized what it was)

In this book, the author claims to have gotten messages from Jesus. These messages included:

“The name of Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol. But it stands for love that is not of this world. It is a symbol safely used as a replacement for the many names of all the gods to which you pray.” Manual for Teachers, 2007, Sect 23, para 4.

Lesson 299 asks the reader to affirm “there is no sin.”

Lesson 70 asks the reader to affirm “my salvation comes from me.”

See how deceptive. We are lured in to learn more about Jesus, only to have a counterfeit attempt to have us affirm the exact opposite of scripture!

We shouldn’t fear this deception, instead, follow the teaching in Matthew 10: 16: “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

A little prayer for you today:


Use me as a light in the world today. Help me to be as wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove.

Help me to be strong in you, Lord. Help me walk in your full armor, so I can take my stand against the schemes of the Enemy. Help me to stand firm with my belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, and my feet fitted with the gospel of peace.

By your grace and holy power I will use the shield of faith, the sword of the spirit and the helmet of salvation so I can extinguish all of the Enemy’s flaming arrows.

I am ready Lord, to be the salt of the Earth. Use me.

In Jesus’ name I pray,



  1. Amica Vogler

    COME ONNN Natasha! This 🔥🔥🔥
    Sooo true about the enemy presenting as an Angel of light.
    I can relate to so much if your journey. So PROUD to know you and I know your words are seeds that will DISRUPT and AWAKEN people to the ONE TRUE GOD.

  2. Kim Wylde

    Oh how true! Well written and explained!

    What a great reminder to always check things were being taught, against the word of God.


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