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This morning, I was led to Isaiah 43. I love this passage because it’s a passage of identity. Who does God say I am, and who does God say that He is?

There are so many beautiful passages in the Bible that help us to discovery our one TRUE identity. As Believers, it is critical that we meditate frequently on God’s Word, and that we really soak in what God says about us.

The World wants to confuse us about who we are. The world wants us to choose how we “identify”. God created us, he formed our inward parts. He knew each of our days when we were conceived. He knows the number of strands on our head.

Given that God is the one who made us, it would make sense that He is the one who gets defines us. So let’s go to Him to see what He says about who we are. Here’s what God says about you and I in Isaiah 43. I hope these reminders will bless you today, as you stand firm in your TRUE identity.

You are redeemed.

You are called.

You belong to God.

You are precious in His sight.

You are honored.

You are loved by God.

You have been created for God’s glory.

You have been made by God.

You are God’s witness to the world.

You are his chosen servant.

Wow. What a list. It’s so much better than the labels that the World wants to put on us of too _______ or not _______ enough. It’s so much better than asking us to identify ourselves…given how fickle our minds and emotions are on a daily basis.

Sister, God made you, so God is the one who gets to identify who you are. You can feel secure in that Identity, knowing that God does not change His mind. He does not make mistakes. Your Identity is rock-solid.

I don’t know about you, but to me that is very comforting in today’s world.

Let’s give thanks to God for His clear, unchanging words on who we are!

Father God,

Thank you. Thank you for the clarity on who I truly am. You made me, so I know that what you say is true. Remind me Lord in the days ahead, how you see me. Holy Spirit illuminate for me the lies of the world that try to deceive me in taking on a false identity. Help me to walk through today and every day in the identity you have given me.

In Jesus’ name I pray,



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