My Faith Walk- Part 6

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For the holidays in 2017, we planned a 2-week trip to Nashville to “check it out.” I was feeling uneasy. I felt led to move to Nashville on the one hand, but on the other hand, this was a 2,000 mile decision. We had built an amazing life in Boise, with a community of entrepreneurs, and I enjoyed a thriving Estate Planning practice that was able to work only a few hours a week. Packing up and moving back to Tennessee would be a major decision.

I remember praying the night before our trip, asking that the Lord give me 3 unmistakeable signs that we needed to move there.

When we landed we headed to a neighborhood at the top of our list. When we started looking at model homes, I inquired about one particular floorpan- and the realtor said, “oh yes, that floor plan is called “The Natasha” plan.”

My jaw dropped. I had heard of nice English names– the Savannah, the Camille, the Addison…but the Natasha plan?!?

I thought… “Ok, Lord. That’s a good one… but I’m going to need a couple more.”

A few days later after looking at several other neighborhoods in and around Nashville, we went back to our top choice to look around. Richard suggested that I take our daughter to the neighborhood playground so I could imagine what life would be like if we lived there.

So I took my daughter and headed to the playground when I hear….

“Natasha Nassar! What are YOU doing here?!?”

My jaw dropped again.

Up walks a sweet friend that I had gone to high school with was at the playground with her kids. She had lived in the neighborhood for several years!

“Ok, Lord, that’s number 2… but you gonna give me a third one please,” I prayed. Two signs in the first two days. It was looking like this was going to be our new home.

But as we continued touring Nashville- the signs “stopped”.

On the final night of our two-week trip , I still hadn’t gotten my third sign.

As we took one last drive around our favorite neighborhood enjoying the Christmas lights, I closed my eyes and prayed:

“Lord is this it? Is this where you want us move? Please! I need my third sign”

Right then, A brightly lit front porch grabbed my attention- because everything else was dark.

Hanging on the wall of the porch were four huge black letters that said:


I can’t make this up y’all! Well, that was it. My final sign literally and figuratively… God clearly has a sense of humor!

In 2018, we would move home to Tennessee– settling into a new city- the charming town of Franklin.

We began looking for homes in the Spring of 2018, right around the time that Rich and I decided to make our very final IVF attempt.

By the Summer of 2018, we got the news we had been waiting for a and praying for…

I was pregnant!

But not only that…. I was pregnant with TWIN BOYS!

Praise God for his faithfulness.

Amazingly enough the blessings continued…

A few days after finding out that we were pregnant with twins, I got a call from our mentor, Russell Brunson. He was inviting me to speak on stage at the 2019 Funnel Hacking Live Conference in front of 5,000 entrepreneurs.

It was a dream come true. I had been praying for this opportunity for years. There was just one teeny, tiny hiccup…

I was going to be 37 weeks pregnant with my twins! 😲

But I told Russell (who is a fellow Believer) that he just HAD to let me be on that stage. That I promised that I could do it super pregnant and that I promised not to go into labor on stage!

I told him that his invitation was clearly a divinely ordained one– because it so happened that for the first time ever Funnel Hacking Live was being hosted in Nashville, TN– the city that unbeknownst to Russell up to that point, that we were moving to in a few months…

Of all of the cities Russell could have chosen for his mega event, he picked the ONE city where I could participate. Praise God!

It was very obvious to me that the Lord had cleared the way to bless me with yet another desire on my heart- the desire to speak on that stage.

Now my doctors (or my fellow twin mamas that I surveyed) weren’t so sure that I would be able to make it to the event.

In fact, the medical odds were stacked against me…but I know that with God all things are possible. Statistics and odds are irrelevant when it comes to the Lord! So I didn’t doubt for a second that I would be on that stage. I told my doctor’s as much…

One day before the conference, my OB happily cleared me to participate…so I did.

I waddled onto that stage and delivered my talk. Not only that, the following day, we were honored with two different awards, and I was able to be there for that day as well. God is so good.!

Just over 72 hours later, I gave birth to our boys.

God promised me a son back in 2011– and 8 years later, he not only fulfilled His promise to me, He doubly blessed us.

What an amazing and faithful God we serve!

And I can’t end this part of my faith walk without mentioning how the Lord also provided our dream house in our favorite neighborhood!

In the late spring of 2018, Rich and I fell in love with a house on a corner lot in our favorite neighborhood. It was oozing with Southern Charm…complete with a big wraparound porch. I looked at the listing every day, but we didn’t put an offer in because the timing wasn’t right for us.

Houses in the neighborhood were being snapped up, so it was no surprise when we discovered our dream house had been put under contract. I was discouraged, but Rich kept reminding me that when the time was right, the perfect house would appear.

One week before my trip to Nashville to look at houses, our dream home miraculously came back on the market! A couple of days later I was on a flight to Tennessee to put a contract on the house.

Following some pretty difficult seasons, the Lord abundantly blessed us. He showed how patient and good He is- even willing to provide me with signs when I am wavering…

He made me a promise and He kept that promise. He opened doors and surpassed my wildest expectations.

As you know, all seasons must come to an end. After two “easy” years, a dark storm began brewing….

I was about to enter off season of challenges along with unmistakable miracles. I’ll share all of that with you HERE in Part 7.

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