My Faith Walk- Part I

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Most people don’t know the full story when it comes to my faith-walk, so I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to “put it out there”!

I was baptized as an infant and grew up in a Christian home… a Catholic home to be exact. My dad’s mom was a devout Catholic. Lord help us if we skipped church on Sunday!

I grew up going to Sunday school, got all of the sacraments, got confirmed and even started a Youth Group at my Church. (For those that know me well, my founding of an organization won’t come as a surprise at all!)

In the 5th or 6th grade, I started going to a Presbyterian youth group with my best friends every Sunday night, and Vacation Bible School in the Summer. It was there that I truly began to get to know the Lord. I remember asking Jesus into my heart, as my Lord and Savior in the 7th grade–at Vacation Bible School.

I had an interested faith-dichotomy growing up. I felt very at home, and close to God at my protestant Youth Group activities. However at the Catholic church on Sunday (or Sunday school or Confirmation Class), God felt very distant.

Around the time of Confirmation, I began to really question my Catholic “faith”. I’m pretty sure I raised a little ruckus in the confirmation class, as I started demanding answers to my most pressing questions… 😬

…Why do I have to confess my sins to a priest? Can’t I just talk to God myself?

…Why can’t everyone take communion? Jesus invited sinners to sit at his table…

I remember one Easter Brunch, my mother, bless her, suggested that I discuss my objections to our Catholic Priest…

Ummm… I think I’ll pass…. 🤦‍♀️

I loved Jesus as a high-schooler. I had an amazing group of Christian friends that are dear friends of mine to this day.

In high school I was an active member of Young Life. On our Young Life Ski Trips and our Trip to Windy Gap, North Carolina, I felt such a deep connection to God. I had amazing counselors and really found a place I felt like I belonged.

Then I went off to college…and my freshman year I actively participated in RUF (Reformed University Fellowship), but by my Sophomore year, I became distracted by Greek life, school and boys. Church was on the back burner- I only went with my family when I was home.

When I did go to church, my eyes were just glazed over. I wasn’t encouraged to read the Bible, just listen to the priest’s homily.

My second year of law school, I ended up in a dark place accidentally.

I had been introduced to a women who was kind of like a psychic to celebrities. She assured me she was a Christian, and she prayed over our sessions. She mentioned to me that I had prophetic gifts, and that I could be on the “other side of her desk” if I wanted to be.

That stirred something within me, but unfortunately I made some errors in judgment and ended up talking to more psychics (who again confirmed my gift, but were not Believers) and then I fell into Tarot cards and a desire to try to learn how to develop my gifts.

At that time I was looking at a lot of New Age materials, and ultimately, I had a one very scary experience with, lets just say “dark spirits” that absolutely terrified me… so much so that I slept with my lights on and my Bible on my chest and a cross around my neck.

The next morning, I contacted my long-time family priest to tell him about the whole ordeal. I needed his counsel on how to get rid of the darkness filling my apartment. He helped me to anoint my apartment, and encouraged me to clear out all of the books and anything else that might carry the dark energy.

He mentioned that I may very well have a Prophetic abilities, but that I need to lean into the Lord to understand how and where to use this gift…and that there are certainly people with such gifts today– that it’s not just something that happened in the Bible.

The whole ordeal was honestly so traumatic that I walked away from it all….including a desire to understand and develop what I now understand to be gifts from the Holy Spirit.

{As an aside… I’m So excited to write more on the topic of Spiritual Gifts- it’s one of my favorite topics to geek out on so stay tuned for that!)

When I moved back home to Memphis after law school, I started looking for a church…but ultimately just did the “easy” thing by going to my home Catholic Church on occasion. My spiritual life was pretty much non-existent as I worked long hours as an attorney, and began to build our business.

Then I met my now husband, Richard… and when it was time to marry, it was very important to my family (and to me) that I got married in my gorgeous home church…so I did. A little over a year later, my husband and I packed up everything we owned and moved across the country to Boise, Idaho…for fun.

Ready for Part’s the one where I converted to becoming a Methodist.


  1. Christine Hoy

    Natasha, I love reading about your faith journey! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  2. Lynn

    Whoa ! I love this blog and you so much Natasha!! Looking forward, only forward from here ! Especially reading about Spiritual Gifts ! ☀️🥹🙏

  3. Lisa Cain

    Wow, I had no idea Natasha!

    I grew up Catholic too and had some similar early experiences. I never knew how to have a conversation or relationship with God until I let my faith journey be more than recited prayers…

    Thank you for showing me the way to step out in Faith!

  4. Ruth Smith

    So thrilled that you are doing these blogs, Natasha. Your story will resonate with many! Sharing your LIGHT … <3


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