Stepping Out in Faith

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I’ve been getting a nudge to do something for nearly 2 years…and that was to write a LOT more than I have been.  It should be easy because I love to write…but there was one big block.

I have had a deep, burning desire to write about things that could really make some people mad.  Might cause people to want to leave. Might trigger some people. I was worried that people wouldn’t like me anymore.

I was also worried that I would get cancelled off of Facebook.

In short, I realized that my approval addiction had reared its ugly head again.

It was a mega block to me doing something that I have longed to do personally…and that is write openly about my Christian faith walk. To write about the things I’ve been learning from the Bible, and to openly write and speak about Jesus.

I can’t do that on Facebook.  In fact, just yesterday I discovered that a friend of ours who just switched his personal development/business training company to one that is for Christian men- just got put in Facebook Jail and has his ad account disabled…for talking about Jesus in a Facebook live.

This is the world in which we live.

This is one of the reasons why I started our new company- and platform-Our Gathering Table. So that people could feel free to speak without fear.

And yet, I personally, still didn’t feel safe to do so.  {This is SO painful to admit, y’all, but I feel led to}

So instead this past spring, I started a little online Bible Study, and that has been so wonderful for me personally. Something totally separate from business- to fill up my cup. I also created a Faith-Filled Friday meet up at Our Gathering Table, and I know many love popping in there.

Those were baby steps in the right direction…but still I refused to do what my heart has wanted to do, which is to write about what I’ve been learning through reading God’s Word, sermons, Bible studies and in my own prayer and quiet time.

So I decided yesterday that I was done hiding this side of me…or rather…watering down this side of me.  I want to feel fully FREE to be me, and this is a side that I’ve kept suppressed for too long and it hasn’t been good for me.

What I’m doing here is a personal passion project of mine. It is part of who I am and I want to feel free to share it with the world. 

I am a lover of ALL people- no matter what you do or don’t believe. It is not my intention to “convert” anyone to my beliefs.

I realize that there are some of y’all who have been really hurt by the Church or Church people. For that I am deeply sorry.  More than you know. It hurts my soul to know so many walked away from God because of people who acted wrongly supposedly in the name of God.

Here’s what I have discovered… because for so long I was turned off by Christianity because of supposed “good people” turned bad.

All people are perfectly imperfect. Just because someone is a Christian and seeks to live their life in accordance with the principles given to us by Jesus, does not mean that they will not falter or fail you.  This is the human condition. But just as we make mistakes in our non-spiritual lives, and we dust ourselves off and try to do better… so do Christians.

I will make mistakes. I will never be perfect.  I will gladly admit when I’m wrong, repent when necessary and always strive to do better.

Another thing on my heart to share before I tell you about my passion project, is on the topic of being “religious”.  When I used to say I was “Spiritual, not Religious”- I wanted people to know that I was not “judgmental”.

Here’s something interesting that  I discovered in my renewed faith walk. Jesus did NOT like the religious. In fact, most of his contempt was directed at the RELIGIOUS people. The ones who put the LAW over love and common sense. For example, there were religious leaders (the Pharisees) who wanted to jail Jesus because he healed someone on the Sabbath. 


Like, to these guys it was ok to heal someone on a Thursday….but not the Sabbath because that’s “work”.

Jesus was just shaking his head at that one… totally missing the point.

The “Religious” people had it all wrong. And today there are still “Religious” people trying to threaten or shame people in an effort to bring them to God. This is NOT how Jesus worked and I have no doubt He is shaking his head at them too.

All of that to say, friends, that is NOT me.  I will not judge, shame, threaten or condemn anyone. It is my heart’s greatest desire to glorify God through every thing I do. Whether I’m talking about Him or not.

So in order to fulfill this nudge that I’ve had for a couple of years, I’m starting THIS blog…my own personal blog. I’m calling it Faithfull (as in FULL of things about Faith, get it?!?)

Whether I’m writing for myself or 3 people or thousands, I am excited to have a space to be true to myself and the callings on my heart!

I’m so excited for this fspace to share what’s been on my heart. I’m tearing up as I’m writing this because it feels SO good to just say what I have wanted to say and do.

Lots of love,


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