The Same God

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There’s a song that I have been listening to almost daily-it’s “Same God” by Elevation Worship. Each verse hits me so deeply as I sing it.

The SAME GOD of the Bible is with us and FOR us TODAY.

With the world seemingly spinning out of control- with the news getting weirder and weirder by the day… it’s absolutely essential to remember who is on the throne.

The same God who parted the sea for Moses…

The same God who chose a young woman from a no-name town to bear His son…

The same God who chose and equipped a young boy to slay a giant…

Is ALIVE today. He’s here for you and He’s here for me.

The miracles of the Bible still happen today…and I believe that God uses “signs and wonders” no matter how big or small, to draw His children and unbelievers alike, to Him.

Recently the Lord drew my daughter (and I) near, in a pretty amazing way on our trip to Idaho.

Here’s the backstory.

As we were getting in the car, I noticed a shiny penny on the ground. I pointed it out to one of the twins– and I told him he could pick it up. It was his first Lucky Penny!

My son was beaming from ear to ear… he had a lucky penny!

Not to be outdone, my daughter immediately started scanning the ground next to us for a penny, but alas, there was only that one penny, and her brother had it. There was no sign of him relinquishing control of this precious find.

When we went home, I carefully placed my son’s lucky penny in it’s own little white envelope with the words “C’s Lucky Penny”. My son was elated, gleefully carrying the envelope and chattering away about his lucky penny.

His sister, understandably irritated, demanded her own Lucky Penny. Tears followed….The following morning, as we were about to leave, my daughter noticed a penny that had fallen from my purse the night before…she insisted it was her Lucky Penny.

My husband interjected: “it’s not a lucky penny if you find it in our house…”

My child disagreed. So I put it in an envelope and labeled it “M’s ALMOST lucky penny.”

This went over about as well as you can imagine! 😂 So to ease her frustration, I called her over to me, and while snuggling with her, I shared with her my lucky penny story…

In 2020, I was walking along the beach, enjoying the ocean as it lapped over my feet. I had my video camera in hand, and had just felt led to shoot a video for my audience on the topic of “abundance”. I immediately began thinking of what I would share with them, and I decided that I would start with the concept of a single penny being a demonstration of abundance. That the richest or poorest person is MORE wealthy when they find and pick up a single penny.

At the precise moment I had that thought, I looked down at the sand and stepped on something that startled me… a penny!

When I said it startled me, you have to remember that I was walking along the ocean- the waves washing over my feet. Yet, I had just stepped on a perfectly placed penny…so I rushed to grab it before the ocean washed it out beneath my feet!

That, I explained to my daughter, was a “God Wink”.

The Lord wanted me to share that message, and so he blessed with me an over the top gift– a statistically impossible gift. A penny in the exact moment that I had decided to teach others that it is abundance from Him– so we should acknowledge it as such!

I asked my daughter if she really wanted a lucky penny. She, of course, said “yes”. So we prayed and asked God to give her a lucky penny as well.

As we concluded the prayer, I looked into my daughter’s eyes and said…

“I know that God will show up for you. He will give you a lucky penny or something even cooler before we get home to Tennessee…just you wait!”

I had all of the faith in the world that God would show up for her. After all, I was teaching her to ask, believe and receive.

The next few days were rough…my daughter was searching for her lucky penny…and there were none to be found! My gleeful twin proudly carrying his lucky penny envelope everywhere certainly didn’t help matters…

I have to admit, once or twice, the thought crossed my mind that I should just toss a coin on the ground where she could find it- and be done with the whole lucky penny ordeal. But then that would be taking matters into my own hands, instead of turning it over to God.

Every time that doubtful thought entered my mind- I pushed it aside. I knew that God would show up for my daughter.

Time was running out..and before long we found ourselves at the airport, in one of the worst parts of any parents’ trip….the security line. All five of us made it through the metal detector and we began gathering our items from the bins. My daughter was having fun putting all of the empty bins in the “collector-thing” and I let her as I quickly collected my things from the other bins.

A few moments into this game of helping the TSA folks put the empty bins away- I hear her shriek: “Mommy look! A coin!”

I grab the box and tilt it up, so the coin slid down to the bottom. My daughter snatched it up…

It was a dime.


Right before we are heading home, the Lord blessed my daughter with a dime.

10 TIMES more than what she asked for!

I made sure she realized the greatness of this gift.

Not only had the Lord blessed her with the desire of her heart- a lucky penny- he had blessed her ABUNDANTLY with a coin more valuable than he requested!

I was in awe. This is the SAME God of the Bible. The one who parted the seas, who gave sight to the blind, who fed thousands with five loaves of bread and a couple of fish.

He had showed up for my little girl (and for me!).

He will do the same for you.

This little miracle is a reminder of how intimately the Lord knows us and the desires of our heart. He loves us so much and blesses us in ways that will be meaningful to us. The dime, was an act of a loving Father. One who wants His children to know that “Yes, He’s still here. Yes, He is listening. Yes, He is still caring for us.”

As Jesus taught “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?” Matthew 6:26.

You are so valuable. Your are being cared for, even when it may not feel like it. So what is on your heart today? Ask the Lord. Believe that He will show up for you. It may not be in your time frame, and what he gives you may not be what your originally asked for…but God will show up for you!

Just watch.

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  1. Pam Apfelbeck

    This is incredible and SO true! God is faithful in all things. It’s one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received from God to know you and be able to read your words.


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