When God Feels Distant

by | Jul 12, 2023 | 1 comment

Growing up Catholic, I had a fear of God…but not a Holy Fear (a reverent awe)…but instead the type of fear God tells us NOT to have when He says “Fear not”).

I grew up feeling God was distant…on a throne in the Heavens, looking down and judging me. When I thought of God, I didn’t think of a loving Father, but instead of one that I was constantly disappointing because of my sinful nature. If that’s where you are today, my words are for you.

God is REALLY there with you, where you sit reading this post. He is there with you like He was with Moses, Issac, Jacob, Daniel, Elijah and all of the saints.

You are WORTHY of God’s presence because you are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. Even in your moments of doubt.

God is the father and mother you may not have had. He’s a nurturer. He’s the one who loves you fully, purely and unconditionally. You can rest in Him.

Even when you make mistakes, God will not withdraw His love for you. God’s love is not conditional on your performance, sister. He is full and complete love.

He stays and fights for you. He fights alongside you in your daily battles. He will never abandon you.

When you’re weak, He’ll carry you.

When you’re happy, He rejoices with you.

When you’re sad, He weeps with you.

When you’re at a “rock bottom” moment, He’s next to you.

There is no feeling that you have, that the Lord doesn’t fully feel. No plan that you can dream, that He has not already seen.

There is no fear that you have that He doesn’t already know…and that’s why he tells you to “fear not”.

He is the constant in your life. You can rely on Him. He will never leave you.

He is safe. His love for you is secure.

You can rest in Him, sister.

A Prayer for Those Who Feel Distant From God Today:

Father God,

I invite you into my circumstances today. I want to be in relationship with you.

I’ve got a lot on my mind. I’m tired, Lord. I’m tired of running the race by myself. I’m tired of trying to figure it all out. I’m tired of trying to do everything in my own strength. I need you.

I want to feel your presence around me. Show me how much you love me, Lord. Send me a sign so that I know that you are near.

Help me to rest in you, to trust in you.

I believe in you, Lord. Please help my unbelief.

In Jesus Name I Pray,


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  1. Karen Waldron

    I grew up as a Mormon. This message really resonates with me. I was so afraid of God.


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